Tuesday, March 31, 2009

RHNY: The Jig Is Up

We'd read New York Magazine's article about Countess LuAnn's vulgar shenanigans at a friends the wedding this summer. Yesterday The New York Social Diary sounded a warning shot and now the Page Six article in today's New York Post confirms it. Their marriage is kaput.

I know you must all be distraught and remorseful that a long standing marriage is coming to an end, right? Ha! hardly, come on the guy lives on another continent! Clearly this was the classic marriage of convenience. My guess, she's been looking for an "out" for ages. She'll get to walk away with a nice chunk of change, be able to move her dalliances out from behind closed doors and best of all she gets to play the victim (cue the violins). Everyone will rave about how "She's held her head high in the face of adversity!" "She's handling the split with dignity and grace!" "Her only concern is that of her children!"

We all know the only thing she's really concerned about is the possibility of losing her highly coveted title. After all Countess LuAnn de Lesseps sounds so much better than Ms. LuAnn Nadeau. Aristocracy expert Guy Stair Sainty (how's that for a name?) was already quoted in the July'08 Harper's article as saying, "Many of the Lesseps call themselves count without any right at all." "They ennoble themselves." So clearly there is no shame in LuAnn's game. She is just going to keep on keeping on with her highfalutin self.


(Photo: PatrickMcMullan.com) for NYSD


hello gorgeous said...

What's she going to call her book now?

The TownhouseLady said...

My guess?

"Crass with the Count-less"