Monday, May 4, 2009

RHNY: Who is Jill Zarin's Jeweler?

Oh that Jill Zarin loves her some bling doesn't she?
In almost every episode there's been some reference made about Jill's jewels. There was Betheny dipping into Jill's overstuffed jewelry box while doing her now infamous impression of Jill. We've heard Jill herself her talking about her massive diamond rings- The Baby and The Momma (note: given the size of The Baby it's an absolute certainty you'd need to do strength training before being able to lug around around The Momma). When we saw Jill out with Kelly purchasing the $16,000.00 B-bag (Béatrice Amblard custom handbag) for her birthday she lets Kelly know, "This gift is 'moderate' and that considering the economy, I didn't think we should spend a lot. Last year was big jewelry".

So where does Jill get these big fabulous baubles? From Jeweler Jeri Cohen of Jeri Cohen's Fine Jewelry. Jeri's been in the jewelry biz for 20 years and has a boutique, located in Trump Plaza (3rd Ave. @ 61st NYC). She specializes in diamonds and has gained particular notoriety for her engagement rings (momma? baby?) and her butterfly and flower collection.

Meet Jeri in the preview clip for tomorrow nights finale show as Jill and Kelly stop in to pick up jewelry for a charity event.

Isn't she adorable? I did find something while researching Jeri. It seems in August 2008 a lawsuit filed against her by Van Cleef & Arpels for copyright infringement.

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Lucinda said...

Jeri, I have news for you: Butterflies do not signifiy freedom, they signify Mariah Carey. Stick to being a Pug vocal coach, I think you are better at it.