Monday, May 4, 2009


Plink, Plink, Plink...

What's that sound? Dripping.

Where's it coming from? The seam in the (plaster) crown molding over the pocket door entryway from the living room to the dining room.

Why? I'm taking a shower.

Where's the origination point of the leak? So far as we can tell the seal connecting the drain/waste pipe to the tub has disintegrated.

Why am I beyond aggravated? Because we just replaced a drain/waste pipe from the sink that had been leaking. 3 months ago!! That required knocking out the plaster wall in the guest room closet. The tub requires knocking out the wall in the master bedroom closet. We planned on fully ripping out and replacing this bathroom and all it's ancient plumbing in about a year. Problem is, right now it's our ONLY bathroom. So, in order to do so we need to re-install the bathroom the previous owner removed (who takes out a bathroom?!?!?) so she could make a large mud room (off the kitchen) for her dog. ARGH!!

We also have to get a section of the plaster molding recast and replaced. MOTHER F*CK SH!T D@MNIT!

You gotta love (hate) a house that's 119 years old.

One day I'll share the plans for the bathroom remodel but I'm too angry right now.

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