Monday, April 6, 2009


At 144 ft. the lot our home sits on is, by "city standards" considered to be extra deep. I'm well aware that most of you looking at this are thinking 'that backyard, at best, is a glorified postage stamp.

Why am I pointing this out you ask? Well, this little postage stamp yard whooped my ass. Being that yesterday's weather was just glorious (66 and sunny) we seized the day and set about clearing out all the dead leaves, pruned away scraggly branches, and weeded. We wanted to get it all spruced up and ready for grilling season. Today I'm hurting. My legs, shoulders, back and arms ache. You know how the saying, "I used muscles I never knew I had"? Honestly, I knew I had them and I also knew I'd left them dormant too long. What I didn't know was just how much they'd revolt against me once I did decide to employ them for use again.

The reward for this hard work? A solid week of rain and cold temperatures. Thanks Mother Nature!

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