Friday, April 3, 2009


There is a scourge that is threatening to take over our foreheads and more recently necks.

No, not the kind that neatly pull your hair out of your eyes or finish off a chignon. We're talking full on Sheena Easton, Olivia Newton John sh*t. Surely you remember this look? You probably had a Yaffa block filled to the brim with all different colors and braid-widths to complement your look.

Some are attempting to bring them back with the help of some misguided trendies.

Exhibit A:

Mary Kate Olsen wore this headband from the Marc Jacobs' A/W 08 collection (Slightly off topic but, what's up with the 10 sizes too big schmata she's wearing??) She was warming us up for the horrors that follow.

Exhibit B:

Mischa Barton who admittedly has slid far down the en vogue scale has been seen running around in various forehead assaulting looks.

Exhibit C:

For the love of god!?!

To top it off they're also making them in the form of necklaces as seen in NY Magazines Shop.A.Matic Spring Trends where we find these beauties:

Rope Necklaces by Gabriel & Schwan

Price: $60

Pixie Market 100 Stanton St. , Lower East Side 212-253-0953

Padma Necklace by DANNIJO

Price: $108

AVAILABLE AT: Bergdorf Goodman 754 Fifth Ave. , Midtown East 212-753-7300

You've Really Got a Hold On Me Collar Necklace by Lizzie Fortunato Jewels

Price: $286

AVAILABLE AT: Charm and Chain


Imagine how pissed off you'll be in 2 years looking at photos of yourself knowing you spent $108 for that neon silly string necklace!

I'll leave you to contemplate this vivid imagery...

Drew Barrymore in The Body Fuzion video.

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