Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kell On Earth

Oh happy Day! My favorite person on The Hills and the woman behind the Fashion PR Firm People's Revolution is getting her due.

Bravo TV is giving Kelly Cutrone her own series "Kell On Earth" they describe it as...

"Kelly Cutrone has been called one of the "coolest, scariest and New York-iest people ever" and, judging from her frank demeanor and fashion world credibility, it's easy to see why. Bravo takes a no-holds-barred look into the life of one of America's most legitimate tastemakers as she balances running her wildly successful fashion PR company, People's Revolution, with being a single mother and one of New York's most notable women about town."

I love Kelly. She's the reason I continue to tune in to The Hills. This week, Kelly reluctantly decides to hire Lauren's friend Stephanie after an interview she descibed as "The interview was such a folly she could turn out to be a genius". She then turns right around and says to Lauren, "If she f*cks up you're going to be the one to fire her, cause I'm not going to do it. So if it doesn't work out you can nix her. O.k.? You may want to kiss her on the cheek but I'd put a gun to her back and make sure she stands up straight".

Words to live by.

No schedule has been put out yet but I for one can't wait for this show to air!

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The Stylish House said...

I noticed we have the "Make Room for Living" Blog in common. Thought I would pop over to say hello. I hate to admit it, but I am addicted to Housewives of NYC! I noticed you have some posts about the show. It also looks like we started blogging around the same time. It has been fun getting to meet new friends. ~Cathy~