Wednesday, April 1, 2009

RHNY: What Is Up With These Broads?

Sins of the mother

I'm reading Page Six in The New York Post and they are running a story on Ramona's poor daughter Avery and how she's being shunned by the other little snots at Sacred Heart. The school even asked Ramona to take Avery off the show because they're embarrassed by her actions! Ramona, knowing what's best for her daughter declined.

The Real House-Blight of New York

Tucked down at the bottom of the Page Six Article is a blip about both Kelly Bensimon and The Count-less LuAnn putting their Hamptons homes on the market.

Of course, Your Mama at The Real Estalker never fails to tell it to you first and best. She already has the details up on her blog so I'm deferring to her to give you the scoop! Go!

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