Friday, April 17, 2009

RHNY: Weekly Informercial

Is it me or are you getting a little sick of these product pushing whores and the infomercial that this series has become. I was so annoyed I wasn't even going to talk about them at all this week. Then I figured I would just recap the episode as I remembered seeing it:

We start things off this week with a party Jill holds at Zarin Fabrics for the launch of Zarin Fabrics new Eco-Friendly fabric line.

Ramoaner is launching a skincare line, tru renewal so she meets with the logo designers to look over the packaging and labels they've worked on. She then holds a cocktail party to show off her newest creation tru renewal.

Bethenny is in Connecticut to promote her Bethenny Bakes Vegan Cupcakes, Cookies and Muffins. Lockjaw couldn't pay people to take them. She also manages makes mention of her book Naturally Thin more than a few times throughout the episode.

The countless meets with her co-writer for Class with the Countess.

Kelly is meeting with the co-designer to go over her new Jewelry Line (pronounced: Jewry). The designed all seem to be based upon owls ?!). I'm assuming it's because owls are like rully wise and she's like rully wise because she went to Columbia, written three books, started two magazines, birthed two children, is the ambassador for wool and in her free time run a marathon for charity ! But I digress.

Lastly, Simon takes Alex out and buys her beautiful earrings for her birthday. He then pitches a total temper-tantrum sh*t fit (now we know where France-wah gets it from) when the driver makes a fatal error and "RUINING EVERYTHING! THE SURPRISE IS RUINED!" by driving directly to their hovel of a home instead of going back around out Manhattan through Queens to get to Brooklyn. When they do arrive the beasties are waiting to celebrate Mommies Birthday with her over cupcakes (real yummy looking sugary ones not that cardboard, sawdust, vegan crap Bethenny's shoving down people's gullets). So, despite Simon's time out worthy, inappropriate behavior Team Silex is still my favorite so far this season (I say "still" because I know they're doing that parenting book and they haven't yet started pimping it in earnest).

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Lucinda said...

I could not read anything in this post because all I could focus on was Simon's ode to the King of Pop with this outfit. WTF?

Jill said...

Wasn't it your husband who talked you into starting a blog? Smart man! Laughed out loud several times. Re: RHNY, I wish Jill wasn't named Jill. I think the Zarin fabf**ked remodel is absolutely pitiful. I may be one of the only ones after having read rave reviews on other blogs. Bethenny is all sinew and vegan blather. Sooo not me! I love your "countless"...I've never seen someone so unabashedly self absorbed/important. Kelly is an idiot and Silex...they just give me the creeps. Wow...I don't normally vent like that. Lots of reasons why I would nevah evah be on a reality show.

The TownhouseLady said...

King of Pop? YES! I confess this pic is from early 2008 but it's my all time favorite pic of the two of them. Just because he wears those spangles proudly. Not one iota of shame. he really thinks he's looks smashing in this.

Do you love this pic of Kelly? With the hair twirl? Is she kidding? Then there's the "Aren't I so cute?" look on her face. It's like she just got done saying hiyeee...Ugh, repellent.

Jill: Yes, my husband did tell me to start blogging. I guess he figured if I type it all out here I won't have to bother blabbing to him about this nonsense. WRONG! I still make him read it all for proofreading purposes (I'm grammatically inept). Then I still talk his ear off about it. Poor thing.

Don't worry about being named Jill. After all her name's not Jill it's Jill-ZARIN. She never just says her first name.

Doesn't it feel good to vent?

Jill said...

It does...I rarely do it in the blogosphere. You seem to be a kindred soul.