Thursday, April 23, 2009

RHNY: I Feel Pretty (on the outside)

I stopped by Pretty On The Outside today only to be greeted by the image on the left. Is that not the most hysterically accurate portrait of LuAnn?

"Victoria returned home after having been gone for two months and Luannatic welcomed her back with arms partially open. The daughter greeted her mother with a big hug and a heartfelt, "I missed you!" Mommy CoUNTess Dearest's replied, "You look good" with all the excitement off receiving a jury duty summons. Then Luann Dearest proceeded to snap at her child for not hanging up her coat. "Have... I... Taught... You.... ANYTHING?!!!!" Luannatic screamed as she grabbed the coat and ripped the sleeves off. Okay, I embellish. "

You think that's funny? Click on the image to go see what he said (and drew) with regard to Kelly's party (go to the bathroom first, it's tinkle your pants funny)!

Thanks Gilmore!


prettyontheoutside said...

Hey! Thanks for the nice shout out.

The TownhouseLady said...

Anytime! You're sense of humor combine with your artwork is brilliant.