Monday, April 20, 2009

RHNY: Whoo's been naughty?

Uh Oh Kelly, seems you've got yet another legal problem. According to the NY Post's Page Six a former college at Elle Accessories is saying this:

"...Celeste Greenberg, who worked at the magazine when Bensimon was editor-in-chief, went on to found accessories line Tuleste Market. According to sources familiar with the matter, while at Elle Accessories, Greenberg had sourced a vintage owl pendant and given it to Bensimon to wear for photo shoots and media appearances. Greenberg allegedly went to Bensimon and struck up a verbal agreement in which the duo would design and manufacture a replica of the owl and split the profits.

But the lawsuit claims that Bensimon instead cut Greenberg out and went ahead and manufactured the pendant on her own. Bensimon currently sells the owl for $325 under her own jewelry line...."

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