Friday, May 29, 2009

Doggie Style with Lu...

Chateau de Lu is on my short list of best blogs evah. The Chateau's proprietress, Lucinda is one stylish broad with a wicked sense of humor. Today she posted about something near and dear to my heart, rescue animals.

"Something worth walking into actually opened on Melrose not too long ago. Orange Bone is a dog store that sells only rescue dogs from the animal shelter. Most dogs are between $250 and $300 and come will all their shots and a guarantee of lots of love and kisses. This model for change will hopefully find homes for countless rescues and help shut down illegal puppy mills. Orange Bone successfully found homes for 40 dogs within their first month of opening, and they hope to help over 1,000 rescues dogs find new homes every year."

So go now, read the rest of the post and check out her other posts too! You heard me, go!


Lucinda said...

THL, I give you my blessing.

maison21 said...

that title is great!

by the way, i think you should get two more cats so you can beat kim over at "desire to inspire" for blogger with the most cats- she only has six! (just kidding on that by the way- i don't know who you manage 5! tho i kinda want to increase my kitty count to 2. just been waiting to find a kitten on the streets- seems to happen every year or two, so i'm sure to get another eventually).

The Townhouselady said...

Bite your tongue, don't even joke like that!

About my brood, I have 5 cats b/c there was preggers momma cat living in our backyard when we bought the house 1 yr ago. We moved in with two and ended up with her litter of 3. We tried to get them in homes (other than ours) but you see how that worked out. The old guy loves the youngins, our grande dame Cookie despises them and calls them cruel names like "filthy street urchins" and "vile inbred cretins". She's coping in her own special hoity way. She's clearly put her humble past behind her. She was found, no bigger than a rat, under a radiator in my husbands old apt. building lobby.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Scratches and strokes to Mona and Richard.

Best, THL

Stacey said...

How nice... I have never seen a brick-and-mortar place like this with rescue dogs. What a great idea!

Both my sister and I each got our dogs from rescues. It's the only way to go!

Megan said...

Louis was picked up off the mean streets of Houston by the county animal shelter, BARC, and was adopted by me at 7 weeks old on April 22, our "adopt-iversary." I'm a total rescue animal snob! They're the best without question. And I love Lu's opening line, "Something worth walking into actually opened up on Melrose."

The Townhouselady said...

What a great story Megan! We have a real big problem with stray cats here and I've been working with the local TNR groups (Trap, Neuter, Release). It breaks my heart to imagine people buying these overbred designer dogs and cats when there are so many absolutely precious little faces locked in cages just waiting for someone to give them a cuddle.