Friday, May 1, 2009

Listening To- Invincible

"Ropes" was shot at Coney Island's Astroland on a cold, dreary and rainy day. These days it's looking more and more as though historic Astroland will soon be razed to the ground and developed into unaffordable lofts or condos, so this footage is visual preservation as well. The City of NY continues it's negotiation efforts with the developer Thor Equities.

For me personally, Coney Island is a magical place. It literally chokes me up to think of it becoming some privatized behemoth. The stories passed down to me from my Dad about hanging out there as a little kid. Reading Henry Miller and other writers vivid depictions of it's entertainment delights. Getting my first hot dog or seafood platter of the season at Nathans. The smell of the salt air. Buying "Ice Cold Butt-wiser" and "Pessis" (Budweiser & Pepsi's) from the vendors walking on the beach. Taking the early season frosty plunge into the surf. Walking all the way down the 3 miles of boardwalk in either direction. Riding back home on the train smelling of dried salt water and suntan lotion.

I feel alive when I go there. I'm filled with grandiose history and sheer enormity of it's past. It's almost like visiting a graveyard and feeling the presence of the dead.

With that...

Invincible- Ropes

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