Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Must Have...

O.k...I have a long standing love/hate relationship with coasters. They're a necessary evil. Yes, evil. why? I always find these gorgeous coasters bring them home put my drink down and inevitably the coaster fails me.

The wood ones didn't have an edge and the liquid ran right off them and under them leaving rings on my furniture.

The marble ones conducted the cold of the drink so well the bottom of the coaster had the same condensation the glass did and was soaking wet.

The leather ones? They looked cool the day I brought them home and looked like trash after one use.

The cork ones? They just have that fugly 1970's vibe

So far the only ones I've seen do the job properly are the pressed paper coasters the bartender slaps down under your beer at a bar. That's why my heart sang when I saw these letterpress coasters by 12fifteen.

Chic, functional, and can be recycled once they've outlived their usefulness without guilt because at $12.00 for 8 they're really economical.



Jennifer said...

Those are gorgeous!!

Dobbygirl said...

Fantastic!!! I too have coaster issues - love/hate them...

12fifteen said...

Thanks so much for the blog love (only saw it now :)