Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a Twit!

Congratulations are in order. Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou welcomed a photo op, sorry, I meant to say baby boy into the world yesterday morning. It seems that not even going into labor can keep this attention starved celebutard from tweeting.

Tweeted Simmons, "It's time!! No turning back! At hospital in labor right now!!," followed shortly after by, "Having contractions now! Ooo- wee! It's like WHOA! Love & Light, KLS."

Gawd Kimora. Way to keep your child's birth a sacred and special moment shared between yourself and Djimon. You forgot to tweet the name of the baby, or is that too private?!?

BTW...that sign off, Love & Light. Seriously, gimme a break already.

Update: Kimora has a Kenzo. Kimora Lee Simmons (above) and Djimon Hounsou gave their baby boy the very fashionable name Kenzo Lee Hounsou, inspired no doubt by retired Japanese fashion icon Kenzo Takada. Kenzo, born here Saturday, weighed in at 8 pounds, and was 20 inches long. "He's a little prince," said a friend. This is Kimora's third child -- she has two daughters, Ming Lee and Aoki Lee, with her ex-husband, Russell Simmons.

(source: Page six)


Jill said...

You made me laugh...which I needed. I have a hangover from hell!

my favorite and my best said...

celebutard. that is a good one.
and she is one.

Dobbygirl said...

Yeah, tweeting is exactly what you feel like doing when in labor. She's so annoying.

Betsy Head, Affordable Interior Design said...

Twittering and labor do NOT mix!


The Townhouselady said...

mf&mb, I can't take credit for celebutard. I stole that from someone else, I'm not sure who but I"m thinking probably Perez or Dlisted.

Betsy, thanks so much for stopping by to comment. It's always appreciated.

karly / design crisis said...

thank you for addressing love and light. It's the lamest thing I've ever heard.