Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dior- Goddess Shoes

Oscar winning French actress Marion Cotillard was onhand at the Bike in Style challenge in New York City this week wearing Dior. It wasn't the understated beige suit that turned heads, her shoes however did. She was wearing The fertility goddess shoes designed by John Galliano for the Christian Dior spring/summer 2009 'Tribal Chic' collection.

It's no surprise she wore Dior. She's recently been named the new face of Dior and stars as a femme fatale in The Lady Noire Affair, the six-minute film directed by Oliver Dahan that I posted here.

(source: Luxist)


Jill said...

I adore that shoe! I wonder if they are still available and where? I posted about them too a while back. I'll have to see if I included a link. I can't remember. I wonder if the heel gives at all? I'm filled with wonder apparantely. Why don't they have spell check on the comment section?!

Dobbygirl said...

They are very cool!

Leigh said...

Absolutely wonderful !

Coupon Magnet said...

HI! Visiting from SITS! Interesting blog! I have to say that i'm in the minority who thinks the shoes are a little weird. haha! :) It just seems odd to be stepping on a fertility goddess. lol
Oh well, i really like your blog - it's different and i like that. :)
If you get a chance, check mine out.
I'm following you, so i'll check in and see what you post next!

The Townhouselady said...

Thanks for stopping by Christy, I always appreciate when people take the time to comment.

You make a good point. Is it bad for you mojo to be tromping on a goddess? Could be!

Thanks again for stopping by.

Best- THL

Lady Jane said...

I don't know what to think of the shoe...while I love being different, they are a little freaky too. Thats actually a pretty good combo! Came across your blog via the Blonde Reality