Monday, June 29, 2009

Illustrator- Kevin Dart and his creation Yuki 7

I was looking for a new illustrator or artist to feature since I haven't in a little bit and I stumbled upon the work of Kevin Dart co-owner of Fleet Street Scandal and one of his creations Yuki 7. Well, it blew me away.

Take a look at this theatrical trailer for 'A Kiss From Tokyo' -

Here's a little background on how Yuki 7 came about from Kevin's blog:

"While I was in London working on the BBC Olympics commercial, I was soaking in a lot of new inspirations and thinking deeply about where I wanted to go next with my art. When I returned, I was simply struck by an idea: creating a globe-trotting female superspy. In my head she was incredibly cunning, beautiful, and always impeccably dressed. As she came to life on paper, she felt very familiar. She embodied a lot of qualities that I’d been trying to capture in my work for some time.

Looking for more inspiration, I combed through some folders of reference I had collected over the last few years, immersing myself in campy Euro-spy film posters, 1960’s Thai pop music album covers, and mid-century modern architecture. I went back and re-watched some of my favorite spy films like You Only Live Twice and discovered new ones like Deadlier than the Male. A world slowly started to form in my head and I could feel hundreds of backlogged ideas and unfinished stories suddenly collide into one cohesive mass. Later on, I realized Yuki 7 had been building for years even though she arrived in a flash of insight."

As it turns out Yuki 7 has a cult following. She's got her own Facebook page and many fans (established artists in their own right) have done their own versions, tribute artwork if you will, of Yuki 7 that can be seen on Kevin Dart's website I urge you to take a look at some of his other incredible work. He's got quite the resume (Disney, Cartoon Network, Pixar, Warner Bros., to name a few).

One of my personal favorites is this artwork he did for No Doubt.

I'll leave you with some additional Yuki 7 images to enjoy:


Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

Kevin's work is crazy fun. I LOVE the work he did for No Doubt. I have always been drawn to the old vintage movie posters, so these really appeal to me. Great post!! Love'em xxx deb

Lucinda said...

These are very cool. If I had any wallspace left, they wouldlook great in my house.

Dobbygirl said...

Love these!!!

Alluring Interiors said...

I absolutely love these illustrations.