Thursday, July 16, 2009

Honest Scrap Tag

So, the lovely Arlynn at Fleur De-licious, tagged me in "Honest Scrap!"

By being tagged, I have to list 10 truly honest things about myself, then tag some of you... and no judging :-)

Deep Breath, here goes...

  1. I love pretty shoes but I hate wearing them. I'll spend a kings ransom on the finest shoes but I love to be barefoot. Always. Work, home, anywhere I'm always slipping off my shoes. I only wear them when absolutely necessary. I like the feeling of the grass, sand, wood, tile, carpet or rug on my feet.
  2. I'm a homebody. I'd rather be at home with my handsome man and our brood than out anytime.
  3. I don't have a drivers license. When you live in the city you really never have a need to get one. So, I haven't. I have what's called a Non-Drivers State Identification Card. You get it at the DMV you just don't take any tests. Now I'm thinking about it just because it would be nice to rent a car when we go somewhere. Vacation Driver?
  4. I love junk food. I love to enjoy the finest epicurean delights as well. I'm actually quite the foodie but, I'm just as happy with a hot dog (so long as it's Sabrett or Nathans) as I am with fois gras. For the record, Pizza (real NY style) is a food group.
  5. I hate cuddling in bed. I like the before, I LOVE the during but you can keep the after. Go to your side and let me sleep. No spooning either! Keep your heavy, dead weight arm off me. I'm trying to sleep, thank you. Luckily my husband is the same exact way.
  6. I have a FILTHY MOUTH and I love to curse. My favorites- twat, dirty whore, motherfucker, cocksucker and my all time favorite- Douchebag, which I'm very happy to say has made a big comeback. I'd been using it for years but until recently it wasn't used very often.
  7. I snore- LOUDLY (another reason not to cuddle with me).
  8. I'm a reality TV junkie. No exaggeration. The hours of life I lose on that crap is insane and I'd rather not think about it.
  9. I will yell at your kids. If your kid is acting out in public and you're not doing anything about it I've been know to say in my scary lady voice, "HEY, YOU! CUT.IT.OUT! NOW!" Of course you'll glare at me but it's only because you're embarrassed by your inability to control them in public. I'm not your friend therefor I'm under no obligation to suffer silently while they run over me in a store or throw things at my table as I'm trying to have a meal out. If it makes them cry, I blame you. You could have been a better parent and taken them home when you saw they had had enough and the meltdown was starting to take place. Instead you wanted to get sushi. Nice.
  10. I LOVE kids (didn't expect that one did you?)!
So I'm now handed the task of passing this along to some of my new favorite bloggers. I'm going to hit up those that are new to me so I can get to know them better:


Christina said...

FUN! I love your #9. I'll get to work on my list.

my favorite and my best said...

i will work on it after i go get my hair chiznopped!
we are separated at birth i think. 1-10 me exactly. the only difference is i DON'T like kids...just my own and ever her sometimes..not so much.

Mango Gal said...

I have the same tendency as you when it comes to #9. I'm not exactly a yeller, but I will give the kid a scary look or something that usually makes them wide eyed and yell "MOM!" LOL

I worked at GAP Kids when I was in college and it would drive me crazy when kids would come in and start swinging on the shelves and especially the window posters, screaming their heads off. Then you hear the moms saying, "Now, now, use your inside voice dear". Inside voice! Keep your monkey of a child off the shelves before they fall on their head!

Can you tell I have issues about this?

Dobbygirl said...

You and I are two peas in a little pod - I'm with you on all of them (except #3, I'm in small town GA I have to drive - though when I lived in NY I didn't). Little kids don't seem to irritate me as much as teenagers, most of the time I want to rip their little smart-ass heads off. Only 12 more years to go until mine turns into one of those demons.

Douchebag is highly satisfying to use - I also am partial to whore, common whore, heifer and dick weed. I too weave a beautiful tapestry of curse words. But now that my daughter is starting to understand them I'm having to censor myself - CRAP!


Lady Jane said...

Quite possibly the best 10 list I have come across. I sooo agree with NO cuddling!!!

Laura [What I Like] said...

Ha! Hilarious...and good for you for yelling at children in public. It takes a village after all...

Jill said... and me both!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Loved reading this! x

Alluring Interiors said...

I feel I know you just a little bit! Thanks for the tag...Tomorrow`s my 100th post and then the answers to my Honest Scrap! This should be good...ha ha!


You're such a New Yorker! I love it! As an ex-New Yorker myself, we'd get on very well, I think. :)