Friday, July 31, 2009

Temple St. Clair

Temple St. Clair has, for years, had a series of medallion-like pendants embellished with her three signature granulated beads. Now she's turned her style into a charity effort.

The Temple St. Clair's Special Edition Harvest Pendant benefits various local and national charities including Shelter and Food for the Homeless (SAFH) - a non profit organization providing food and assistance to the homeless for more than 20 years. To aid their fundraising efforts, 100% of the proceeds from each sale of the Special Edition Harvest Pendant will be donated to SAFH! The 18K pendant is available in white or yellow gold and sells for $550. Temple St. Clair's book, Alchemy - A Passion for Jewels, is included with every purchase of this pendant.

(source: Luxist)


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pillow mint said...

i would buy that in a second if i had an extra $550 to spare.
love it!!