Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Auction (and more) Update

So yesterday I posted about that gorgeous little Cartier Pillbox that's available in the Beverly Sills Estate Auction.

The other thing I did yesterday was go uptown to the imaging center to get another round of ultrasounds done to check on the Townhousebaby's development. So far everything's looking good (yippee!!). Despite the fact that the baby is very stubborn and would not move into the positions that the ultrasound tech needed to get all of the measurements she was looking for. I said is this a predictor of future behaviors? She said, "Yes, usually". GREAT.

After the testing we went out to dinner and then leisurely strolled around checking things out. What did we walk right past??


That's right. I went in and got to preview the auction items. I took a photo with my crappy camera phone (seriously, I apologize for how crappy the pic is) I wanted you to see this little pill box opened. Once you engage the clasp open the two sides pop open and then another flap opens by a hinge at the top. This part has a mirror on it. While the sides look as though they are mirrored as well it's just highly polished gold. The best part, what's inside is no ordinary pill box. It has a little disc inside that has pin-point indents. Why? I'm told it's to keep snuff aerated. The disc allows air to circulate and not let the snuff get clumpy.

How incredible is that? Don't you love it?

I also got to look at the Judith Leiber Ivory Minaudiere. The lining of the bag is a very bright gold leather. It also contains a gold comb with Judith's signature engraved on the side of the comb. Very beautiful.


Dobbygirl said...

That is so cool how it opens. Wow!

Oh and yeah, my girl would not cooperate with most of the ultrasounds to get good pictures, etc. either - as soon as they started she would stop moving and hide her face. Also she had hiccups at least once a day towards the end of my pregnancy. Long story short, she has turned out to be a stubborn little bugger that gets hiccups a lot. So, just a little warning :o)

Megan said...

So perfect! Your pregnancy cravings are totally going to be vintage auction items instead of food.

The Townhouselady said...

Don't I wish Megan! I didn't mention what we did before I waddled to Doyle.

I had meatloaf with a baked potato an broccoli at a diner.

Yeah. before the appt. all day I craved Mexican so I could have guacamole. After appt...Meatloaf all day!

So weird.

Lucinda said...

Fancy schmancy. My great grandmother chewed snuff, as did Winston Churchills mother I am told. Weird and kinda gross.

Stubborn fetus, let's hope you are not giving birth to a child like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UBxA3kirj4&feature=player_embedded


The Townhouselady said...

Holy Shit Lu that is beyond disturbing! Her parents should be imprisoned.

Jill said...

It reminds me of a birth control dispenser thingy. I tried to sign up for a number so that I could bid on some stuff...but I never got it! Did you see the viking helment?! How cool is that?!!

Belle de Ville said...

That pillbox is a work of art. I wish that I could bid on more things at auction but I usually find that the hammer price is above what I want to pay.
Glad to hear that the Townhousebaby is doing well.