Sunday, November 1, 2009

Let Them Eat (Kitty Litter) Cake!

Being rather sickly pregnant this year didn't really have me feeling too creative with the Ghoulish Halloween Baking. So, I thought I'd share last year's ghastly creation with you.

(click picture to enlarge for detail)
Kitty Litter Cake

Last year my husband and I were the "new neighbors" and were invited to a Halloween Party next door. Being that it was going to have it's fair share of children and we were known for having a just a few kitties in residence. I decided my contribution would be to treat the revelers to a hearty scoop of Kitty Litter Cake.

Yes, I assure you it is cake and entirely edible. No, my cats didn't help to "create" this in any way other than my calling J-Kun over to model next to the finished product.

(click picture to enlarge for detail)
Since I wasn't blogging at the time I didn't take a series of pics so you could see the process but it's really quite easy should you want to make it yourself.

You'll need:
- A new litter box and plastic litter scooper (wash them).
- 4 boxes cake mix (your choice)
- 5 packages instant pudding (your choice)
- 4 large package of vanilla sandwich creme cookies (Get the extra large generic store brand packages because if you get Vienna Fingers you'll need at least 6 packages).
- 1 bag Tootsie Rolls.
- green food coloring

  1. Bake the 4 cakes as sheet cakes (1''- 1.5'' tall). OR as rectangular pan cakes. If you make them in rectangular pans once they have fully cooled slice them through the center with a long bread knife so they are half their original height (1'' - 1.5'' tall).
  2. Crush 4 packages of cookies in a food processor or smash them by hand in a plastic bag with a mallet (rolling pin).
  3. Set aside some, about 1-2 cups, of the crushed cookies and dye with green food coloring to make the "chlorophyll litter".
  4. Mix the 'chlorophyll litter' back in with the rest of the regular litter.
  5. Make the 5 packages of instant pudding.
  6. Begin by laying one layer of the cake into the box. (personally, I lined the box with parchment paper before I laid down the cake but I suppose it's really not necessary). Hint- you'll also want to keep a bread knife handy to trim the cake to fit the box as you layer.
  7. Lay down a layer of pudding.
  8. Sprinkle with cat litter (crushed cookies). Just please make sure you save aside plenty for a generous top layer!!
  9. Repeat this until you end with a layer of the cookies.
  10. Unwrap and place the tootsie rolls (not all) on a plate and place in the microwave for 30 seconds (time varies). You just want to make them soft enough to handle but not melted.
  11. Roll/mold the Tootsie Rolls to form the chocolate 'turds'. Spray your hands with cooking spray or wipe with some butter (something to stop them from sticking).
  12. When placing the turds on the cake roll them in the crumbs a bit so the litter sticks to them (for authenticity purposes).

Serve with kitty litter scooper to frightened children and sickened adults.

A word of warning- You may have to be the one to eat the first 'scoop' because until people see that it's actually cake most of them really don't want to indulge. Can you blame them?

P.S. Don't judge my ugly (bathroom tile) back-splash replete with dark putty colored grout that the previous owner installed (who chooses a grout color that ALWAYS looks dirty??). I absolutely despise it and have it on the ever growing "to be replaced" list!


my favorite and my best said...

for some reason that is just really gross to me right now. perhaps b.c. it looks EXACTLY like my cat's shitbox and turds. of which i cleaned this morning.

Dobbygirl said...

OMG - I have this recipe, but have never had the guts to make it. Yours looks so realisic! I never thought about it for Halloween, but it's perfect for that!!!! Wow!!!

The Townhouselady said...

mf&mb- I'm the one that made it and I still got a little grossed out by it's realism.

Dobby- I've seen the actual recipe and they tell you to crumble ALL of the ingredients. I decided layering was better and frankly more palatable.

Marian said...

oh i love this kitty layer cake,how fab! hehhehe great idea hon. thnaks for sharing the photos

Bathory House said...

Bunch of cat fanatics around here! Meow. Ew.