Saturday, January 23, 2010

Listening To- Hallelujah- HOPEFORHAITINOW.ORG Performance

This song brought me to tears last night. It's a beautiful rendition of the song Hallelujah performed by Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris (who is signed to Justin's label). While written by Leonard Cohen Hallelujah was made most famous by the late, great Jeff Buckley.

I think the boys certainly paid it justice last night. Good job guys.

Hit pause on the player (below "The Beasts") ------>


Juliana said...

I have played it on repeat...I think my dogs are tired of it.

Appletree said...

that was gorgeous. I can never get enough of JT

my favorite and my best said...

JT is awesome. and there's no denying the power of this song. i have yet to hear a version that doesn't move me to tears.

Christina said...

that was beautiful. thanks for sharing!