Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cattitude Adjustments

A lot of you have asked me how the cats adjusted to having a baby in the house. For the most part they couldn't care less. The only thing they seem to have gotten bent about is the fact that they've been barred from some bedrooms. These days I spend a lot of time looking at them from behind bars.(Lou)

Fortunately for them we still have the office or as they think of it "The Cat Room" with a bed that's dedicated just for them. That's where we find them all hanging out most of the time these days.(left to right Sophie, Lou, Paw-Paw and J-Kun)

Except for Cookie... (H.R.H. Cookie)

She has laid claim to a shelf in the old bathroom cabinet. None of the others dare to go in it. Cookie is the Queen and will order up their execution in a flash if she suspects one of them is even thinking about looking at her shelf. What makes this spot so special is that it's located right above the radiator (see the screen on the door below her?). It's her own personal sauna. When we finally get around to redoing the bathroom we're going to have to figure out some way to accommodate her special spa location.

For my decorator buddies who have no doubt noticed "something missing" from the photo of Lou behind bars- Yes, we have purchased the missing quarter round for the floorboards. Now we just need to get around to painting and installing them, and stripping and repainting the baseboards, and, and, and... sigh.
(proof of purchase)


Dobbygirl said...

The picture of Lou behind bars made me laugh. The look is priceless! I've said before, my cats didn't really care either, mostly they just didn't like when she cried. Crazy furballs!

carrie1 said...

Please squish them all for me! =)

Jill said...

Proof of purchase...that made my laugh!

The Townhouselady said...

Dobby- It's true, they HATE the crying. eyes pop open ears go back. It's not a happy look.

Carrie- They have been summarily squished.

Jill- Thanks, just don't ask me how long they've been sitting in the hallway or for that matter how long they'll remain there.

maison21 said...

adorbs. and i was curious about the kitties, so thanks for the update!

Megan said...

Your house is so full of cuteness!