Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's Not You, It's Me. No, Really

I thought I should let you all know that yes, I'm still alive.

I've been a very bad blogger but a really great mommy. I knew that once I had the baby it was going to be inevitable that I pull back from blogging a bit but I just never imagined how 24/7 all consuming it would be. That must sound so naive to you seasoned moms (and dads!) but I really did think I'd be able to steal away more time during naps. HA! I keep seeing things and think I should blog about that and I just never get around to it. Sorry folks.

I bunch of you have asked how she's doing- she's wonderful. I look at her and think how the heck did two mutts like us get such a great kid? She's such a joy but, full disclosure, she's got this little bit of a bad-ass streak in her. She sure lets you know if you're not doing something to her liking. It's pretty cool that even at this age (4 months) they have such prominent personalities. Nature vs. Nurture? Nature is in the lead.

To make up for my absence I'm going to be holding an awesome giveaway. I'll announce the details tomorrow but suffice it to say it's not for some god awful tchotchkes that you'll never use or wear. How do I know? Because, you will get to choose it. Anything you want. For real. It's not from a store you don't need anything from. You can choose from over 200 stores. The best part? It's worth some serious coin. Sounds awesome right?!?! I knew you'd think so.

I'll fill you in on the deets tomorrow so make sure you come back.

Please excuse my no make-up morning face.
Oh, who am I kidding? It's not like any of you are looking at me!

Thanks for sticking by me-

The Townhouselady


David Toms said...

She is soooo cute! Miss your blogs, but know how incredibly busy a new one makes you!

Belle de Ville said...

Oh she is so wonderful!

Anthony said...

Hey, YOU!
The last thing that you should be doing is apologizing and feeling bad for neglecting us out here in the blog'o'sphere. You have a very good, valid reason for it. I mean, really. Your baby girl HAS to come first! Always! Besides, the blog'o'sphere ain't goin' anywhere any time, soon!

I would MUCH prefer that you neglected us instead of li'l Townhousebaby. She needs you more than we do! (Oh, that didn't sound very nice, huh? Well, you know what I mean...)

I'll always stick by you, you can count on that!

my favorite and my best said...

this is just more proof that i have special magical powers.
i was thinking about you today.
wondering if you were ever to come back to us.
clicked on you by chance...
and poof.
there you were. there SHE was.
as adorable as ever,
the whole lot o ya's.
fuck yes i am coming back for the giveaway.

Appletree said...

we are here whenever you come back. and that kid is gorgeous. she will get away with murder with that face.

Jill said...

Oh, Hello Sweet Girl!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

You two mutts (& I beg to differ on that comment)sure did good ♥

A face that makes hearts melt. ( :

Megan said...

This is beyond gratuitously cute. She's beautiful and looks like such a happy baby!

Mommy Diarist said...

I can't imagine why you're so busy.
Oh yeah, a baby.

She's ADORABLE!!!!
Her eyes make you melt.
I'm sure you have smooched every inch of her.

TheBeautyFile said...

Oh my gosh!!! She's so so so so cute!!! Are you having the time of your life! I am due in less than two months...terrified of the birth bec I don't know what to expect, but so excited for him to arrive!! What infant car seat did you choose?