Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Globes

Let's just go there and start with the bad shall we?

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...
I want to wrap gifts and arrange them around her feet.
This HAS to be pine scented right?

Tina is funny and so is her dress. Funny sad.

Oh Christina, it's always just too much. Your reds in your nails and jewels don't match and neither do the yellows in your hair and extensions. Speaking of the jewels, again, too much! Pick one of the rings (the one on your ring finger) and call it a day.

Little House on the Prairie meets the red carpet.
Save grace for the AMAZING purse Leighton because I'm fully planning to snatch it.

(b.t.w. I actually do think Jane and her wife Lara look just fantastic)
I thought this was the best dressed lesbian couple of the night until....

...I saw this couple.
She's fetching and her wife is quite handsome in her tux.
ughhh...cut your hair dude. You're looking WAY too fem lately.
The dress? Underwhelming.

Auf Wiedersehen!
Seriously, WTF?? It looks like they just came from dinner on a yacht and Seal's leather shrunk because it got wet.

I'm torn because while I hate it on the red carpet
I think this is an absolutely stunning wedding dress.

Julianne is usually my number one pick so this saddened me.
I like half the dress (you have to guess which half).

Dowdy dress, drawn face, drab hair.
p.s. EAT!!!

Sandy, I'm o.k. with the Jenny Packham dress but girl you need to talk to
wigmaster Derek J because this one isn't working.
p.s. EAT!!

My pick for the WORST dressed goes to:
Halle Berry in Nina Ricci.

In a stunning turn of events Halle stepped out of the limo in just her Spanks. She obviously had forgotten to put her dress on before leaving the house.
Fortunately, some kind person gave her their shawl to wrap around her waist.
EPIC FAIL (and you should know better)!

Let's see some of the hits...
yea for both but Jane wins!

Dig it.

Damn! Trent Reznor, you clean up real nice!

Kelly Osborne rocked the turd out of this Posen dress!!




All the stars in the universe are twinkling for you Olivia Wilde
and the Louboutin shoes? Swoon!

This is what I would have worn.
Piper Perabo watch out! I'm on a purse snatching rampage and yours is next!

Hands down my BEST DRESSED goes to:
I LOVE this color against Emma Stone's skin, the minimalism of this dress and the accessories. A brave choice. Not tired and predictable.
Absolute perfection!


James Michael White said...

Happy New Year! LOVE Olivia Wilde's Marchesa gown and those Loubou's are TDF. I know I'm going against the grain, but I didn't like Lea Michelle's dress. I hate taffeta and that color simply didn't work for me AT ALL. Sandra's hair must've been a joke... right? Christina Aguilera is such a glorious drag queen, I ALMOST can't be mad at her. Emma Stone bored me to tears in that extra long peach t-shirt, but I loved Annie Hathaway's Beyonce-esque Armani Prive dress. I have to say I really loved J Lo's look. It was giving me old Hollywood glamour.

Jenny said...

I'm so with you on Anne Hathaway, Eva Longoria and Emma Stone! I adored Emma Stone's look, she was my best dressed too. I was so hoping my brother would be working production on the new Spiderman movie so they could meet and she could be my Sister-In-Law someday (how I do get ahead of myself)! As for my "forever girl crush" Halle Berry, she looks like she's wearing a fancy swimsuit and sarong combo - she can do so much better. Don't get me started on Christina A, Bless her heart, that dress did her no favors and you are dead on about the jewels. Just a mess... I actualy liked Catherine Zeta Jones's dress but only really because she didn't look like an old lady - she usually does to me. xoxo

ana said...

I agree with you on the worst of the night! My favorite dresses were Anne's Armani and Claire's Calvin Klein beautiful pink dress. I really hate Sandra Bullock's hair, Angelina Jolie dress and attitude and of course Heidi Klum beach dress!

anita @ a dreamer's den said...

1. How did I not know Jane is pregnant?
2. Who is the woman you wrote "yes!"?
3. Poor Christina
4. What was Halle thinking?!

5. I'm so so glad you're back to posting!!!! :)

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

I picked Emma Stone, too.
Cracking up at the "pine-scented" remark, and good Lawd, already, Angelina - give up the heroin, or just eat - what the heeellll???

The Townhouselady said...

Thank you thank you everyone for coming back and commenting. I was wondering if this post was for anyone but my enjoyment.

Michael- Dead on about Anne's dress being Beyonce-esque!

Jenny- Love the comment about Halle wearing a bathing suit and sarong.

Anita- You're OBVIOUSLY not a Gleek! It's Lea Michele from Glee. I don't partake in the Glee so I had to Google and search a bit to figure it out when I saw her on the carpet.

ModernMom said...

I mist most of the event so thanks fo the re-cap. Umm not so much digging the should pads. Please tell me those are not coming back!

Lucinda said...

Forget everything else and let's focus on what is really important here:

Christina Aquilera needs to start sharing her lunch with Angie Jo. She looks like she ate away her divorce troubles and Angie looks like a rexic Dynasty reject.

The Townhouselady said...

Lu- It should be noted that most alcohol is very fattening gulg glug.

Just sayin'

Jill said...

I thought CZJ's dress looked like leftover astro turf. Loved Jennifer Lopez' dress...better in a different color.