Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow Leopard

O.k., so technically Zorra's not a leopard but she is in the snow. My poor garden cats (that's fancy talk for ferals) are probably wondering if they're going to get a chance to thaw out and play in the grass ever again. 

At least she looks ever so chic in her black and white ensemble.


Jenny said...

What a cutie!!!

Bathory House said...

My heart breaks when I see the wild ones in this dreadful weather. They sit on the kitchen window ledge with such looks to be pitied. They are doubling up in their igloos for extra warmth.

The Townhouselady said...

It's true. The oddest match-ups are snuggling up together.

Thank goodness for our "Omaha Igloos"!

juleesing1 said...

She looks less than thrilled. But in most of my shots of ferals, even in good weather, they don't look comfortable. I think if they could they wouldn't have any contact with us at all!

Still, she has shelter and food, and you are good to provide that. I shudder to think of the poor cats stuck outdoors in this weather w/out shelter or a regular source of food.