Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's A Sin

I found this posting sitting back in my archives. Not quite sure why I didn't post it...C'est la vie!

By Stephen Webster

Says Webster of the collection, “In the context of the 21st century, the seven deadly sins my not be admirable but are no longer considered punishable by death. And whilst everyone knows what each of the sins represent, not everyone knows the individual punishments administered in hell by the old devil himself…” 

 Pave set black and white diamonds, tsavorites and a green tourmaline center stone.
This ring is one my favorites in the collection. I do love my green and the setting is dreamy.
Eyelashes as prongs- brilliant.

 Pave set rubies, agate inlay and a fire opal center stone.
Could you just die for that fire opal? I could stare into it for hours.

Lust is right! This is my all time favorite gemstone, and the stone in my engagement ring. The color of this one is absolutely exquisite I can almost see the faintest hint of the red flashing which is so hard to capture in photographs under the hand on the right.

 The ring itself is blue titanium with pink sapphires and a amethyst center stone

 red enamel inlay and blue topaz. 

white diamonds, rubies, black enameling and a red garnet center stone.
The deep blood red color of this almandine garnet is intoxicating. Don't you just love a ring that's wearing jewelry?


This is where he loses me. 
This looks like a cheap 1980's hip-hop ring ring found in a Vegas pawn shop. I wish he'd tried a little harder with this one.


Belle de Ville said...

I love this collection. It is very clever.

Mommy Diarist said...

Who wouldn't sin for those!

Jenny said...

I love Stephen Webster's stuff - such a mix of elegance and edge. Gorgeous! I think the Gluttony ring illustrates this nicely - wow! The Pride ring is amazing!

juleesing1 said...

I agree with you that "Greed" is awful looking. All the other rings were fabulous, though.

Did you notice the mouth with teeth on "Gluttony"? The opening where you slide your finger in? That's funny.

I feel like the color for "Lust" was not right -- blue is far too cool for that emotion. It should have been deep purple, imo. Red sliding into purple is commonly held to be the color of lust in color theory.

My fave is "Pride". Love the colors. What does that say about me? I always thought I was a lusty lady, but perhaps pride is my bigger downfall!

anita @ a dreamer's den said...

SLOTH! I would wear that one in a heartbeat.
I love all of these!

Jill said...

I love Wrath the best!