Friday, July 29, 2011

Nice Bush

A little background...

I spent the summer of 1980 in England. I was just a little kid and music videos were the new big thing so you'd see them played in between shows. There was one song I heard many 2-3 times and I loved it. I sang it all that summer. When I got back to The States none of my friends had heard it. So alone, I sang. To this day I still frequently hum the chorus but could never remember what the words were or who the artist was. I've even hum it to almost everyone I meet who's "into music", shoot I've even been so shameless as to hum it to a few people in the music industry (I worked in a pretty famous recording studio for a couple years) but no-one could tell me what song I was humming. I started to wonder if I was remembering it wrong or if it was something that my child's mind made up.

Cut to today...

I'm putting together this post with the Babushka ring featured below. All of a sudden I'm humming the song...with lyrics!!!

"Babooshka babooshka babooshka ya ya.."

Apparently the deep dark recesses in my brain decided to pop open and share the information it had secreted away from me for the last 31 years! A quick internet search later and BINGO I'm playing it, THE song- Babooshka by Kate Bush. As it turns out it was never released in the States (only England and Australia) hence no-one I knew recognizing it.

oh yeah, so here's the ring:
More importantly though is the awesome song that has delighted/haunted me for
the last 31 years- Babooshka by Kate Bush
I know, it's awesome right?? If you like it do yourself a favor and bookmark it. 

Sorry ring, the song stole your thunder, for me at least. More likely than not though most people will like you more than my old story and song.


Jenny said...

Oh great, thanks - I'm emotionally scarred from Kate Bush because my best friend listened to her non-friggin-stop growing up and I hear her voice and my skin crawls. I even threw out a curse or two on Peter Gabriel for "discovering" her. Wasn't it him or was it the Pink Floyd guitarist? Either way I fart in their general direction. LOL! Me likey the ring better. Ignore me, I'm in a MOOD today. Nothing like waking up at 5am to the sounds of Miss A yelling "I peed, I peed in the bed. It's all wet!" Ick! We'll call it a Pull-Up epic fail. Have I mentioned lately how happy I am you are posting? So HAPPY! xoxo

The Townhouselady said...


"I peed,. I peed my chair! I read your response and I peed my chair!!"

{{Poor momma}}

Appletree said...

weird how the brain works.. 31years!
I kinda like em both