Monday, August 8, 2011

Well Read

I think most of you who've been following me for a bit know how much I love a good illustrator. Now that my days are filled with endless streams of children's books, some good, some not so good, I appreciate the art form even more. I stumbled across this book and just fell head over heels with the illustrations and not for nothing the premise for the story is pretty fabu as well:

Panni Kövecses’s debut book is a kids’ detective story, which takes place in a small seaside town during summer vacation. We join Erik and Nipper in their hunt for the stolen canary, photo camera and horn-rimmed glasses to discover who is the unexpected thief behind all these mysterious disappearances. Thanks to the author’s graphic design background, this charming story is enhanced by a stunning illustration using great colors, lovely characters and some fabulous mid-century atmosphere. This book makes a perfect first for children who are just discovering the joy of reading.

It looks like The Wee One is getting anew addition to her bookshelf!


David Toms said...

Looks absolutel wonderful as I too love a good illustrator! Might even have to get myself a copy!

Appletree said...

I have to buy two copies so I can take out some pages of the first one and frame them. So cute.

ModernMom said...

Oh it is beautiful!! Have you ever read Picky Mrs Pickle? It's a whimsical and fun and my girls loved the pictures and rhymes when they were younger. Now and 9 and 12 they can still recite it from memory:)

Mommy Diarist said...

Agree with you about the "some not so good" childrens books. Actually there's lots and lots of not so good and some very awful ones.

Will check this out. I love great illustrations! When reading a book to my little one, I sometimes miss the details in the illustrations and only notice them when I study them in detail.

I <3 the kitchen in the photo. The backsplash has a straightcourse pattern which I love. I'll probably buy this book just for the tile pattern :-)

Jenny said...