Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm Taking A Stroll(er)...

We've been very busy over here trying to get everything prepared and ready for the arrival of the TownhouseBaby. I think one of the things that I'm still wrapping my head (and wallet) around is the amount of gear that is required for a wee little 6-8 lb. (give or take) miniature person. Frankly, it is astounding. I have dutifully consulted with all of my baby-momma friends (The Momma Panel) who have been invaluable in helping me to put together and register for all of the essential items. One of my favorite things to shop for was the kids bedding. There are so many beautiful options available these days and it has really been the basis for defining the personality of the nursery. I'm very excited with my final choice. I'll be doing a nursery reveal post so you can all see just as soon as we complete the room.

On the flip side, one of the harder things to shop for has been the stroller. It's overwhelming, there's an incredible number of strollers out on the market and the price ranges for these modes of baby transportation is equally as incredible. While you want the best for your baby how much spending is really necessary in order to get a great product at a reasonable price? I ask because the prices on these things range from about $30 for a basic umbrella stroller to over $2,000 for a traditional high end pram. So where to start, what kind do you get? A standard stroller? A jogging stroller? An umbrella stroller? A lightweight stroller? An all terrain stroller? A pram? A travel system? I needed HELP!!

I called in the "momma panel" to meet and discuss the options. The consensus is that when they are young it's ideal to have a heavy duty stroller that acts as a pram, conventional stroller (back of seat completely raises and lowers) and also has the car seat that attaches to the top for when they are just wee little infants . This type, known as a travel system, can and will last for the entirety of their strolling days. It's also perfect when out for long periods of time shopping or visiting with friends because it's like bringing a full nursery along with you. Plenty of room to stash massive amounts of gear, shopping etc. and the full fold down feature gives you plenty of room for napping or the on-the-go diaper change.

But...I live in an urban environment and am generally traveling by subway, bus or my own two legs walking from place to place. The big drawback of these travel systems? They weigh a ton and by a ton I mean 40 lbs. While they do fold up they are still pretty massive and bulky. Not exactly ideal for public transportation. My "momma panel" said that once the baby is sitting up on their own and doesn't require all of the bells and whistles of the big stroller I should also have on hand a lightweight, more compact folding stroller.

So one kid and two strollers. Yeesh! The Man of the Townhouse and I read reviews, shopped for, tested, and found a great moderately priced travel system stroller which my mother-in-law was so kind to have gotten us as a gift. That just left us to find a good quality, reasonably priced, easy to use, lightweight stroller.

Lemme tell ya, the gods must be pleased with the amount of good karma chips I've been earning because...In the next week or so look for me to be teaming up with to do a stroller review for the Dream On Me Lightweight Aluminum Stroller (pictured above)! Keep your fingers crossed because this just may be the stroller I've been looking for. I'm going to run it through the TownhouseLady Testing Lab and report back to let all of you know how it fairs!


Dobbygirl said...

Yep the amount of crap is insane and the amount of time they use it is even more insane. I just took 2 carloads - yes, carloads - of stuff this past weekend to the local consignment store. My travel system included. That stroller was great, but heavy and bulky and when we flew it was a pain. I now just have a cheapo umbrella stroller that is just fine. She'll be out of that soon enough.

Suburban Princess said...

2 strollers is very fact I have 3 strollers and extras at our parents' houses. You will find your needs will change - if you mostly take the subway/walk why dont you consider a sling? that way you dont need to worry about lugging a huge stroller around?

my favorite and my best said...

don't waste money on an expensive stroller. they are not worth it.

they grow out of them quickly.

my favorite and my best said...

baby bjorn. but your kid may hate it. also may hate strollers. wait and see.

The Countess of Nassau County said...

If you have not purchased the book, Baby Bargains, RUN to the book store and get it. It's indespensible.

I raised two babies in NYC and urban Mom's have very different needs in terms of transporting the wee one. Here's my two cents.

You'll need a Snap N' Go for taxi rides or whenever you don't have enough arms to accomodate baby, car seat, and stroller.

I would go for a high end umbrella stroller (Maclaren). Look for something light weight with a full recline. Walk with it, making sure you can get a full stride without your feet hitting the wheels.

Good luck!

Tamstyles said...

i cant wait for you to give birth...hope you post pics..

Kristin said...

Yup, you gotta have two! Our travel system was fabulous...but I finally just ordered a lightweight stroller the other day. Hopefully the Cybex is what I've been looking for! So exciting that you get to do a stroller review!

Katherine Lee said...

that is a serious stroller, love it! hope you're having a lovely week my dear, come visit urban flea soon!

xo urban flea :)