Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Review- Febreze Set & Refresh

Tired of have to plug in scented oil air fresheners?

It’s Febreze to the rescue with the new Set & Refresh, a revolutionary fragrance system that keeps your house smelling fresher, longer! When using scented cones just isn’t enough, Febreze has got you covered with six new, long-lasting fragrances.

Found in Walmart’s new Air Care aisle, Febreze Set & Refresh is the only product of its kind to slowly release the same amount of scented oils over time. With Febreze Set & Refresh in your home, you can breathe a sigh of relief that your home will smell fresh and clean for days! without having to waste electricity or the use of an outlet.
I've been enjoying the fresh smell of Linen & Sky in my bathroom and Thai Dragon Fruit in the nursery. They smell wonderful and aren't the least bit overwhelming or cloying. The units are small and you barely even notice them in the room. I am so pleased with them that I've already stocked up so when the 30 days are up I can just pop a new cartridge right in.

Great job Frebeze!

Febreze Set and Refresh provided through My Blog Spark

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